4 Expert-Suggested Foods And Tips To Tackle Mood Swings

We have often heard the saying that a healthy body and a healthy mind go hand-in-hand. If we eat too much junk food or calorie-laden treats, we feel a shift in our mood. And if we eat healthy, exercise well and get adequate rest – the resulting effect on our mood is evident too. Recently, celebrity nutritionist Nmami Agarwal revealed that nutrition actually plays an important role in your mood. People often experience mood swings and think it could be cured with retail therapy or distracting yourself. But sometimes, the reason for mood swings can be the food you eat. Take a look at the full video here:

“Mood Swings, it may not just be PMS! It could be because of nutrition as well,” wrote Nmami Agarwal in the caption of the post. She further said that sometimes, a low mood could be caused not just because of hormones but lack of good food. Thus, she suggested some foods and diet tips that could be used to tackle mood swings and give a boost to the mood. This would be done by foods that regulate hormones and facilitate the release of happy hormones in the body.

Here Are 4 Expert-Suggested Foods And Tips To Tackle Mood Swings:

1. Spinach

We all know spinach to be a powerhouse of nutrients. But did you know it could help elevate mood as well? “Green leafy vegetable contains iron, magnesium, and other elements that together work as antidepressant doses in the body,” she said in the video.

2. Fermented Foods

There is an intrinsic link between our gut and our mind. In fact, the gut has been called as the second mind too! Nmami Agarwal suggested adding foods like yogurt and kimchi to the diet to elevate mood. “Food items like yoghurt, kiwi, kimchi, or kanji are probiotics that work wonders in the gut and ultimately help elevate mood,” she said.

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Fermented food is an excellent way to boost the mood. Photo Credit: iStock

3. Protein

Protein is a building block of the body and also proves useful for those watching their weight. But the amino acids present in protein can act as neurotransmitters, that may help in elevating mood as per the nutritionist.

4. Antioxidants

Lastly, antioxidants present in berries such as mulberries, blueberries and strawberries can also prove beneficial for the mood. Nmami Agarwal suggests adding them to the diet to tackle mood swings and provide a boost to happy hormones!

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