Bride Slammed Over Anger at Maid of Honor Failing to Lose Weight

A bride-to-be has sparked anger after she hit out at her maid of honor for failing to lose weight in time for her wedding.

The issue came to the fore this week on Mumsnet after a bride-to-be, writing as scj96, voiced anger at the fact that her Maid of Honor had failed to lose weight ahead of her wedding day.

It all started 18 months ago when she went dress shopping with her bridesmaids. “We saw a bridesmaid dress that we all absolutely adored, but it turned out that they only did it up to a size 16,” the bride explained. “My best friend who is my maid of honor is a bigger girl so it didn’t seem like this was going to work.”

According to the post the maid of honor “off her own back and unprompted” encouraged them to get the dresses as “she was going to lose weight for the wedding anyway.” Though the bride said she did not need to do that, the friend insisted it was fine so they bought them there and then.

However, the bride claims that one year on, her friend has “made almost no effort to try and get the weight off.” Though the bride has yet to raise it with her, she became angry during a girls weekend away after it became “quite obvious” that her friend was “now even bigger.”

The bride was especially concerned after noting that the maid of honor was not “moderating her eating at all.” With just 9 months to go until the wedding, the bride said she was becoming increasingly “annoyed” at the situation as she would likely have to pay for new dresses.

While the bride appeared angry at her maid of honor for failing to lose the necessary weight, for many commenting on social media, it was the bride who had stepped out of line by reacting in this way.

“You think she has chosen to be overweight?” SausagePourHomme wrote. “How would you feel if your “friend” did this to you. Took you dress shopping with a load of skinnier people and made you feel lesser because the only dresses they have are too small. She probably felt she couldn’t say no!”

Stokey, meanwhile, highlighted the fact the “Maid of Honor can wear a different dress to the bridesmaids” adding “you can’t force someone to lose weight. She’s probably feeling pretty bad about it I would think.”

FishcakesWithTooMuchCoriander said: “You should have recognized that her aspiration to lose weight was no guarantee It would happen. Buying the bridesmaids dresses so far in advance was probably silly really. All sorts of things can easily change in that time.”

Elsewhere TigerLilyTail commented “It sounds like she had good intentions but it just didn’t happen. It can be hard for people to lose weight. Just have a backup plan, but don’t mention it until nearer the date. It’s just a dress. Friendship is more important.”

NohoHank added: “You shouldn’t have bought dresses that didn’t fit….hardly your best friend if you didn’t consider her.” They added: “You have no right to be annoyed with your friend for being fat and not ‘moderating her eating’. That’s a really crass comment actually!”

“Your poor friend,” thismeansnothing wrote. “It’s s*** going shopping with people all being slimmer than you at the best of times. She probably felt like she had to go along with this dress when everyone else said they liked them. Would have been tough to say no.” They noted: “Maybe she doesn’t want to change or has other things going on? Either way there’s tons of solutions with a sensitive chat which isn’t about her losing weight.”

According to a 2021 YouGov Body image Study, 51 percent of Americans say they feel pressured to have a certain body type. Yet it’s women who are suffering most in this concern, with 60 percent of females surveyed saying they feel completely or somewhat pressured to have a particular body type compared with just 42 percent of males.

Newsweek has contacted scj96 for comment.

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