Participates in 2017 United Way Day of Caring team portrait at United Way Day of shares with the United Way a devotion to educating and empowering people to form connections. On September 22, 2017, our team closed the office and participated in the 25th annual United Way Day of Caring in Thurston County. The largest day of volunteering in the county, this year’s Day of Caring involved over 1,500 people from local businesses, schools, and clubs. 

When asked why he chose to close the office and participate in the Day of Caring, founder and CEO of, Noah Rubinstein, LMFT, LMHC, shared that he sees self-acceptance as one of the keys to making the world a better place. “Taking an entire day for the team to paint and clean a local homeless shelter may not address the root cause of homelessness, but it communicates to those who have been marginalized they have not been forgotten, that they matter,” he explained. “By volunteering we’re not only giving time and energy, we’re giving our hearts.”

Congressman Denny Heck, who spoke at the kickoff celebration on Friday, personally thanked the volunteers for giving their time. “The older I get, the more I appreciate vibrant communities, stronger communities don’t happen at random. They happen because there are lots of caring people who want to lift others up,” he said.

One of the qualities that defines the team is the understanding that we are connected to part of something greater.

This year, our team volunteered with the Family Support Center of South Sound (FSCSS), which fights family homelessness, family poverty, and domestic violence. Located in downtown Olympia, FSCSS provides shelter, education, and resources for families in need. Half of the team stayed at the main location, organizing and sorting donations. Another group worked directly at the FSCSS homeless shelter, painting and cleaning their community area. Amanda Schaeffer, advertising director, says she felt honored to participate as a volunteer. “It was a privilege to help out the good people at the Family Support Center of South Sound,” she said. “ What a tremendous service they provide to the families of Thurston County.”

Our team recognizes that when a person is able to live in good mental health, the benefit often extends to their community. Learning to have self-compassion and awareness can be the first step to sharing that same empathy and assistance with others. One of the qualities that defines the team is the understanding that we are connected to part of something greater. By effecting change in the community, individuals can make waves that will undoubtedly have a greater impact than they expect.

At, we foster connections between ethical therapists and mental health professionals, as listed in our therapist directory, and people looking for help with mental health issues. Whether it is seeking the guidance or knowledge of a therapist, or reaching out to improve the community and help others, forming connections with those around us can make our community a great place to be.

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