Is Oatmeal Good For Diabetics? Dos And Donts To Keep In Mind

Diabetes is a condition that affects millions of people all over the world. It is characterised by the body’s inability to process glucose and produces enough insulin. Thus, people living with the condition often experience spike in blood sugar levels that may prove detrimental to health and adversely affect organs in the long run. The good part is that with the right kind of diet and a few lifestyle tweaks, diabetes can easily be managed. There are so many foods that are a must-have for those living with diabetes, and today we explore if oatmeal can be one of the foods that are actually good for diabetics.

Is Oatmeal Healthy For Diabetics? | Health Benefits Of Oats For Diabetes

Experts and nutritionists have found that consuming oatmeal may have a positive effect on blood sugar levels. There are significant studies that point towards the fact that oats main help manage diabetes. Nutritionist Gargi Sharma revealed, “Oats are rich in soluble fibres, which help in managing blood sugar levels. These soluble fibres help increase intestinal transit time and reduce glucose absorption.”

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Oats or oatmeal is a great way to rev up your daily fibre intake. Photo: iStock

Here Are 5 Reasons Why Oatmeal Is Good For Diabetics:

  • Fibre Content: Oatmeal contains plenty of soluble fibres known as beta-glucan that are absorbed directly by our gut. This helps promote the slow release of glucose into the blood stream and prevents any sudden spikes that may harm diabetics.
  • Better Gut Health: The good bacteria growth facilitated by the fibre content in oats helps promote a healthy gut. Thus, diabetics can experience slower and better absorption of nutrients.
  • Nutrition: Oatmeal is enriched with complex carbohydrates, protein and fibre that can keep us full for longer. Thus, we tend to eat less and prevent blood sugar levels from rising.
  • Heart-Healthy: Oatmeal is excellent for heart health in diabetics as well and may also help lower cholesterol build-up and inflammation in the body.
  • Low GI-Food: Oats is low on the glycemic index and thus, ideal for people with diabetes.

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Rev up your bowl of oats with berries, fruits, dried fruits and nuts. Photo Credit: iStock

Dos And Don’ts While Consuming Oats On Diabetes Diet

So, what kind of oatmeal is appropriate to be consume on diabetes diet? Are there are caveats to be kept in mind before consuming oats? Here’s all you need to know.

Dos For Consuming Oats On Diabetes Diet

  1. Opt for steel-cut oatmeal or rolled oats instead of the processed ones. This is because processed oats contain a lot more sugar and may prove detrimental for diabetics.
  2. Ideally, you should use low-fat milk or plant-based milk to lower the calorie content of the oatmeal bowl. Oats can also be had with greek yogurt.
  3. Up the health quotient of your usual oatmeal recipes by adding nuts and dry fruits including almonds, pumpkin seeds, flaxseeds or chia seeds. You can further add blueberries or apple to your oats recipe.
  4. Chew the oats properly and eat slowly to gain the maximum out of the bowl of oats and increase the health quotient of the meal.

Don’ts For Consuming Oats On Diabetes Diet

  1. As already mentioned, instant oats or processed oats are a strict no-no on a diabetes diet. The unprocessed oats are always better as they contain more fibre.
  2. Avoid adding too much sweetener or sugar to your bowl of oatmeal. This may cause a spike in blood sugar and would reduce the positive effect of oats on your body. Maple syrup, honey, white sugar etc are best avoided with oatmeal.
  3. Skip the heavy cream or other fattening elements like butter, ghee with oatmeal.

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Avoid consuming oats with fattening milk or sugary additions. Photo: iStock

Best Oatmeal Recipes For Diabetics

Now that we know of the amazing benefits of oats for our diet, how should we go about consuming it daily? We have a list of amazing oats recipes that you can consume every day. These seven Indian oats recipes are not just healthy but extremely delicious. They provide an interesting twist to our usual oatmeal breakfast dishes and will soon become your favourites.

Click here for the oatmeal recipes for breakfast.

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