TikTok’s Weight Loss Drug Ozempic

Long gone are the times of inexperienced juice and lemon water: TikTok has a brand new weight reduction craze. As an alternative of round the clock strength of will and strength of mind, this fat-melting “miracle” suppresses your cravings and reframes the best way you take into accounts meals.

Folks can’t get sufficient of this “surprise drug.” The hashtag has collected over 260 million perspectives on TikTok, and it’s been counseled broadly via celebrities and influencers alike. However is it secure?

How Does Ozempic Paintings?

Ozempic is an injectable prescription drug this is used to control blood sugar ranges in sufferers with Kind 2 diabetes. It’s in response to a naturally going on human hormone referred to as glucagon-like peptide 1 (GLP-1), which performs crucial function in regulating urge for food and blood sugar ranges.

The lively element in Ozempic is a molecule referred to as semaglutide, which acts as a GLP-1 agonist. In different phrases, it mimics the construction of GLP-1 and turns on its receptors.

Ozempic diabetes drug
A inventory symbol presentations a person getting ready an Ozempic injection. Ozempic is utilized by diabetics to regulate blood sugar.

“GLP-1 receptor agonists induce satiety and prolong gastric emptying,” Dr. Andres Acosta, founding father of Phenomix Sciences and an assistant professor of medication on the Mayo Health center, informed Newsweek. “Each are crucial to lower meals consumption. Mainly, they make you devour much less.”

Research have proven that individuals with weight problems are regularly much less delicate to the hormones that make us really feel complete. However via slowing gastric emptying, medication like Ozempic can repair emotions of fullness in those sufferers.

Ozempic Aspect Results

Nurse Emma, a TikTok influencer who has been the use of Ozempic for 3 months, has misplaced over 10 kilos since September. “For the primary time—it feels in my lifestyles—I do know what complete seems like,” she mentioned. “I will take a look at the plate in entrance of me and know my wishes were met. It is liberating.”

Megan O’Lena, who created a TikTok account in July to file her Ozempic adventure, mentioned she was once stunned via how efficient the drug was once.

“I knew it will scale back my urge for food and assist me stability my blood sugar and hormones,” she mentioned. “I didn’t notice how a lot it will assist scale back my cravings and force to binge. I in reality nearly have a espresso aversion at this time, and I am a espresso enthusiast.”

Earlier than beginning on Ozempic, O’Lena mentioned, she had attempted the whole lot in need of surgical treatment. “I have used more than one apps to trace energy and macros. I have eaten Atkins, paleo, Whole30, keto, intermittent fasting…. I have accomplished yoga and Pilates. I have educated for and run a 10K, I have lifted heavy. I even were given a minor in human vitamin as part of my undergrad,” she mentioned.

From July to October, O’Lena misplaced 25 kilos.

Madison Peoples had a equivalent enjoy. “It is been the one factor to effectively assist me lose the load,” she mentioned.

On the other hand, like maximum medicines, Ozempic has its downsides.

“The unwanted effects I’ve been experiencing have no longer been very delightful,” Emma mentioned. “Right through the primary 24 to 48 hours after an injection, I have a tendency to have the worst signs. I’ve gastric inflammation. One of the simplest ways to explain it’s very similar to gastroenteritis. I enjoy visceral ache, hyperactive bowels and diarrhea. I additionally enjoy horrible acid reflux disease and uncontrollable burping…. It is really embarrassing.”

Emma mentioned her signs were given worse with each and every dose building up. “It has began to have an effect on my lifestyles and my paintings. There were nights the place I’ve been stored wakeful working backward and forward to the toilet, making use of heat compress and power to my stomach in hopes for reduction. Some days it is close to unattainable to drink water. It is simply no longer one thing my frame can get down.

“Figuring out has been at the again burner, as my signs hinder on my talent to optimistically carry out bodily task. I in finding myself asking the query: Is it value it?” Emma mentioned.


@Nurse Emma I need to be open and truthful about this medicine. Ask the doses move up, it turns into more difficult and tough to proceed. I knew going into this that it was once going to be tough. I used to be going to place the paintings in, I used to be by no means assured effects. I’m discovering it exhausting to stability the whole lot. With the unwanted effects I enjoy, it makes it even more difficult. I need to exercise, devour all of the fruit and drink all of the water. But if my frame is rejecting the whole lot and continuously robbing me of my power, is it value it? Did I building up too speedy? Must I simply give it time? The article I’ve really beloved about this enjoy up to now is the self consciousness. I’ve realized such a lot about my our bodies wishes. I’ve additionally realized such a lot about my very own meals trauma. It’s very atypical. My weight reduction has stalled. However I’m additionally running extra and napping much less. I’m stressed out, depressed and simply no longer my very best. May just this be a facet impact or just that of my atmosphere? #ozempic #dietculture #weightloss #bodypositive #bopo #well being #objectives #mirrored image #realization #stability #midsize #combat #mentalhealth #sideeffects

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Acosta mentioned that those signs weren’t unusual.

“Their maximum commonplace unwanted effects are nausea, vomiting and diarrhea,” he mentioned. “Much less commonplace unwanted effects are possibility for hypoglycemia in sufferers with diabetes taking different medicines for diabetes. Moreover, sufferers with private or circle of relatives historical past of medullary thyroid most cancers, or an extraordinary situation referred to as more than one endocrine neoplasia 2, must no longer take those medicines.”

Fat weight loss
A inventory symbol presentations a lady with a tape measure for her waist. Ozempic is valuable for weight reduction however has unwanted effects.

No longer everybody reports those signs, and TikToker Jazmyn Lin reported having “0 unwanted effects.”

Ozempic was once authorised via the Meals and Drug Management in 2017 for scientific use within the remedy of diabetes, nevertheless it has no longer but been authorised for weight reduction. On the other hand, its sister drug, Wegovy, has.

Wegovy vs. Ozempic

“Each Ozempic and Wegovy are emblem names for various doses of the injectable GLP-1 receptor agonist semaglutide,” mentioned Dr. Rita Kalyani, an affiliate professor of medication, Department of Endocrinology, Diabetes, and Metabolism, at Johns Hopkins College.

The principle distinction is dosage. “Ozempic is to be had at semaglutide doses of 0.5 milligram and 1 milligram weekly and is FDA-approved to give a boost to glycemic regulate in other people with Kind 2 diabetes,” Kalyani mentioned. “Wegovy is high-dose semaglutide, 2.4 milligrams weekly, and is authorised for persistent weight control in individuals who’re overweight or obese, without or with diabetes.”

In 2021, the FDA authorised Wegovy for weight control. “Within the medical trials, the principle end result for high-dose semaglutide—emblem identify Wegovy—was once weight reduction in other people without or with diabetes,” Kalyani mentioned.

“By contrast, the principle end result in medical trials for semaglutide doses of 0.5 and 1 milligram weekly—emblem identify Ozempic—was once aid in hemoglobin A1C [blood sugar] amongst other people with Kind 2 diabetes,” she mentioned.

In different phrases, essentially the most important end result from trials with Wegovy was once weight reduction, whilst essentially the most important end result for Ozempic was once regulate of blood sugar.

The medical trials cited via the FDA concerned 1,961 obese or overweight adults receiving once-weekly injections of Wegovy over 68 weeks, right through which they misplaced 15 % in their frame weight.

Healthy diet weight loss
The best drug may also be efficient, however workout and a suitable vitamin too can result in a wholesome weight reduction.

“Each Ozempic and Wegovy constitute other doses of semaglutide,” Kalyani mentioned. “Better levels of weight reduction are noticed with Wegovy. On the other hand, you will need to word that unwanted effects also are extra commonplace with upper doses and took place in additional people who took Wegovy as opposed to Ozempic in medical trials.”

Naomi Owens mentioned that she was once on Wegovy for simply two months. Inside that point, she misplaced 30 kilos. “My physician mentioned the unwanted effects with me earlier than I began,” she mentioned. “I had diarrhea the primary week, and after that I had not anything.

“The most productive factor concerning the medicine is simplest having to take it as soon as every week, and it labored with out me being hyperaware of the drugs. No jitters or bother napping. I simply felt commonplace, with a diminished urge for food,” she mentioned.

Wegovy has its proponents, possibly maximum particularly Elon Musk: #Ozempic has just about 175 million extra perspectives on TikTok than #Wegovy did. This reputation is in large part because of price: With out insurance coverage, a 28-day provide of Wegovy prices $1,350, when compared with $892 for Ozempic.

However whilst Ozempic continues to be efficient for weight reduction, the call for for it has now outstripped the provision, and other people with Kind 2 diabetes are suffering to get right of entry to this life-saving medicine.

The FDA has indexed each Ozempic and Wegovy as being in brief provide, and for lots of sufferers, switching to a brand new drug is probably not completely simple. For instance, selection medication is probably not coated at the affected person’s insurance coverage plan.

The associated fee tag additionally stops Wegovy from being a long-term choice for many customers. Due to this fact, wholesome way of life conduct and calorie regulate also are vital for attaining and keeping up a wholesome weight.

Weight reduction medication are frequently evolving and constitute an efficient weight reduction intervention for many of us. However they don’t seem to be a magic bullet, and the medication don’t seem to be a just right have compatibility for everybody.

“It is a terrific choice for the ones suffering with weight problems,” Emma mentioned. “If it finally ends up no longer being best for you, there’s not anything forcing you to stay going. There’s extra to lifestyles than your waistband.”

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